Polyversal Souls in Ghana

A German-Ghanaian music-project promoted

by the foundation of culture of the German federation

Connecting worlds, discovering new sounds, demonstrating diversity. Max Weissenfeldt has been exploring rhythms and musical structures from all corners of the world for many years. With his new band The Polyversal Souls, the drummer, composer and arranger has started to combine the polyrhythmic music of Ghana with contemporary Western musical styles. Weissenfeldt was doing this by gathering musicians from Germany and Ghana to perform with them together on stage in the West African country in November, 2014.

The majority of the musicians in the band who originate from Ghana belong to the Frafra language group from the northern part of the country. The main instrument of the Frafra is a lute called kologo, a two-string original version of the banjo, which accompanies the poetic song of the player. In Guy One – laureate at the Ghana Music Awards and voted the best traditional musician – the group has a local kologo star at their side who is now the undisputed master of his genre.

For two tour in Europe in Summer 2018

three Ghanaian musicians came to Germany.

Today Guy One and the Polyversal Souls Orchestra are well-known in the international music scene. They published two albums, are booked for concerts and can follow their successful way without additional support.

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