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The “Polyversal Souls in Ghana” is a cooperation project developed by Maximilian Weissenfeldt in Ghana between originally 13 musicians living in Germany and 21 living in Ghana.

In November 2014

the musicians of the Berlin Big Band traveled to Ghana for three weeks. The musician and singer Guy One from the Upper East Region carries with them the centuries-old tradition of the griot into the world. Here, stories are passed on orally for generations and daily political topics are sung about.
The orchestra traveled to the coastal, rainforest and savannah regions of Ghana for ten concerts, meeting additional local musicians from place to place. It combines the sound of the big band with Ghanaian musical traditions.

For two tours in the summer of 2018 in Europe

three of the Ghanaian musicians have arrived.
Guy One and the Polyversal Souls Orchestra have arrived internationally in the music business today. They are booked and can continue on their path to success without further support.


GHANA PANORAMA. Polydelic Rhythms from the Guinea Coast (57min)

The precursor of this project was the release of the documentary film GHANA PANORAMA, which Max Weissenfeldt shot in Ghana in 2010. In the introduction he speaks of the little spot on earth, which for the lover of the art of drumming is called simply but characteristically, paradise.

“Ghana Panorama” is a concentrated view of moments in which the essence of an ancient culture is solemnly presented and music is played to bring the spirits to life.


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