The culture -key of development

BENKADI means amicable agreement and harmonic cooperation in a group of people. This is the motto of the association, founded in 2004 with the goal to „promote the cultural life in Africa“, its fundament is the intercultural dialog.

What we want

Conflation ofdifferentcultures

Union inmutual respectand recognition

Promotion of the african culture  – as the keyof development


Culture Spaces for Africa

Each municipality a cultural space, each circle an arts centre, each region decentralized cultural spaces for exhibition and concert, movie-screening and archive, studio and bistro - a space for everybody, where the local knowledge is documented, the creative products find a home, a space for exchange and communion.


What we're doing

Fundraising forsocial & culturalprojects

Support of sponsorsand projects

Initiation oftown twinnings

BENKADI offers concrete support in

Education about & sensibilisation for FGM

Documentation & safeguarding of musical traditions

Visualization of the cultural abundance in Africa

Conceptual design of projects of cultural &social cooperation

Donations account

What can you do?

We are officially recognized as a non-profit-association serving the promotion of culture and international understanding.

Send your donation to our account:BENKADI E.V.BIC GENODEM1GLSIBAN DE24 4306 0967 4004 6126 00


Dr. Edda Brandes


Souleymane Cissé

Vice president

Ulrich Kraatz


Partners & Sponsors



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Our core clients are from the european countries, but we are happy to work with clients from all over the globe.