In the 90ies the Federal Foreign Office, Germany, and the Programm Mali Nord (GIZ) supported 11 fieldworks gathering the musical heritage of Mali.

100 hours Video-Material are on hand in the analogue format of HI 8 in the archive of the National Museum of Mali.


This material has to be digitised and prepared for a documentary. In the following years 4 DVDs are supposed to get published, each of them containing about 90 min length:

Vol 1: Timbuktu-Gao-Mopti, Vol 2: Dogon-Bwa-Bamanan, Vol 3: Senufo/Minianka-Wasulunke-Khasonké/Sarakollé , Vol 4: Ritual Music in Mali.

Every DVD includes 3 documentaries of ca. 30 min.


…is the safeguarding of the oral tradition to transfer the musical heritage to the successive generations. The publications will be distributed to the musicians and the population in their villages.