Culture Space Africa


Is engaged in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), especially sensitizing the population in Germany and Guinea.

Heinrich Barth Society

Africa-research the interdisciplinary function 2009 the Heinrich Barth Society was funding the 4. CD of the BENKADI-LABEL benkadi fòli serie I with traditional music of the Dogon/Mali.

Integra, Germany

German Network for overcoming of FGM

National Museum of Mali, Bamako

Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

Jutta Vogel Foundation, Cologne

The Preservation of Cultures in the African Deserts is the most important objective of the Jutta Vogel Foundation. In 2008 the foundation was funding the 3rd CD of the BENKADI Label benkadi fòli serie I with traditional music from the region Gao in Mali. Two museums in Bamako and Gao and the radio-station in Menaka have been fitted with audio-stations to make the music audible.

Berlin Counsel for Development Policy (BER)